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    Thank you for the opportunity to offer you professional advice and help to service your request on our guaranteed insurance and investment products.

    To help you make that decision to give me the opportunity to help you by completing your request to quote for your insurance, investment products, and our financial services. I first want you to know that our relationship is the most important factor in your success.

    The quality of our relationship is vitally important to the quality of the work we do together and the results we achieve together. This Relationship Engagement Letter outlines the nature of our relationship and how we work together. It supplements the formal disclosure and privacy statement required by law in our jurisdiction and also included with this letter.

    This is a trust relationship. Unless we trust each other you will not get my best possible recommendations and I will not have the information to do my best work for you. It is based on communication and respect. Always know that:

    You have my word that:

    1. Your needs and priorities come first in any recommendation I make to you

    2. You will get the same recommendations I would give myself, my business and family if we were in similar circumstances

    3. You will get the best advice I have available to me, even if it comes from an associate who has more expertise and experience

    4. I will only prescribe solutions for you based on a full understanding of your situation , goals, objectives and options.

    Why Clients Work with Me

    1. Clients count on me for my work on their Personal Estate Plan funded by insurance and investments. I focus my business on the personal financial needs of my clients and prospective clients that are residents of the Provinces of Ontario & Quebec.

    Please note, while I may be licensed for other services to facilitate referrals on your behalf, I limit the work I do to an area that I understand well and speak passionately about. My personal financial services are limited to insurance and investment products. I am not a full-service financial advisor purporting to handle your complete financial and insurance portfolio.

    2. This is education and training I have to assist me to help you in the area of my focus: Life Level 2 Insurance Agent. Graduate of the Advocis sponsored Certified Financial Planning Education Program, Graduate of the Investment Funds Institute of Canada Mutual Funds Course

    3. I also work closely with the income tax recovery specialists for Daniel La Tour Inc. This service helps you stop overpaying your income tax and can potentially create the money you need to build a better lifestyle, retirement and estate. Making smart use of all resources, including the money you pay to the tax man, will help you build and protect your assets better. If you choose to take advantage of their service you will be asked to complete separate authorization documents.

    4. You can expect me to speak your language and make my work as easy to understand as I can. The approach you experience is simple: First I explain what I do for people like you and how you can benefit from my expertise ad experience. My focused experience has given me the understanding it takes to predict problems and solve them satisfactorily. If that appeals to you, I will ask some personal/business questions so I can understand where you are today and where you want to go. If I can, I will then develop and recommend the process, planning and product ways you can arrive at your objectives more quickly, safely and in style. You are always the boss in this relationship. But, I take my role as your guide down this rough and rocky road of financial security, very seriously.

    5. You can expect regular contact from me. At the very least I or my office will be in touch quarterly. We will review your portfolio annually for potential changes required to keep it in line with your goals. How often do you want to be in touch? What is the best way to contact you?

    6. Your privacy is always respected. Any information you share with me is only used for the work we do together. Nothing else. The business we do will be processed through a wholesale intermediary either, Hub Financial or World Financial Group for insurance and investment products. We all follow federal privacy principles and safeguard your informaton as best we can. A copy of our PIPEDA policy is available upon request.

    How you can Make our Working Relationship Work Best.

    1. Be open to new approaches for your financial security and tax matters. We are always looking for new ways to help and will bring them to you. Just bring an open mind to the meeting.

    2. Fully disclose the information I need so that I can be on track with my recommendations. If you hold back important information, we will not be able to give you on target advice or recommendations. If you cannot be open with me, please let me know and I will refer you to someone else.

    3. Carefully consider my recommendations. Planning and recommendations have no value unless they are put into action. Your thoughtful consideration of the ideas I bring will help you move forward.

    4. Do business with me on the products or services I bring to your attention. If you are not able to work with me, please let me know at the beginning. Our compensation is contingent on a successful working business relationship.
    5.Please read proposals carefully to catch any inadvertent errors or oversights. I need your help to do my best. No one knows your situation better than you. That familiarity helps fine tune my work.

    6. Notify me immediately of any important personal, financial, business or family changes as they happen when you are a client. Our relationship has to be a two-way street. I advise you of market happenings. You advise me of personal and business happenings. You will receive an annual checklist to help make this happen, but it is not enough. Your success depends on this being a two way street.

    About my Business

    JustinCasetm Insurance.com is an independent brokerage and financial services agency that I own and manage. I am paid by the project, not by the hour. I may be required by supplier companies to refund my commissions or fees if you cancel your business or move it to someone else. I may share commissions or receive fees from the professionals I refer if you do work with them.

    Your satisfaction is my paramaount business concern because acquiring clients is a costly and time consuming venture. We want to do all we can to attract and keep you as a satisfied client and work hard to earn your long term loyalty. We also seriously value your recommendation and personal endorsement to your friends, associates and colleagues.

    Please let me know if you have other expectations, ideas and new business opportunities you can share with me to help you get the most out of our working relationship.

    In solidarity,

    Daniel La Tour
    Daniel La Tour, Founder & CEO
    JustinCasetm2 Insurance