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Critical Illness Insurance Request To Quote

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Insurance protection pays an up front, tax-free, cash benefit directly to you when you're first diagnosed with a covered illness or condition, including cancer, stroke, or a heart attack, with insurance coverage that protects you, your savings and investments against up to 25 major critical illnesses. Benefit coverage amounts up to $2,000,000 can ensure that you'll receive your money when you need it most to protect your quality of life, savings and investments.

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Protect Your Savings. Buy Critical Illness Insurance To Protect Your Investments

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Do you have protection against your greatest financial vulnerability-changes to your health?

What would happen to your savings, investments and personal assets such as your House, if you were diagnosed with a critical illness?

Things like out-of-pocket medical expenses and travel costs would have to come from your savings and investment portfolio. But early withdrawals have tax consequences. And selling investments earlier than planned might not generate the returns you expected.

Taking time off work to recuperate or care for a loved one would cause a loss of income. In this situation, you might find it difficult to continue to invest. But even temporarily putting a hold on your investment purchases can have a long-term impact on portfolio growth.

If you are forced to deviate from your original investment plan, your portfolio may never recover from any lost returns-and your future retirement income could fall far short of what you had hoped for.

When people get sick, no matter how wealthy they are, the first priority is recovery. Financial concerns can add unnecessary and unwanted worry during an already stressful time.

The Solution:

Have enough critical illness insurance to stop your losses and protect your assets.

Critical illness insurance helps avoid having to prematurely withdraw money from an RRSP, savings or other investments. It provides a lump sum benefit that can be used however you choose, including:

  • fund private or alternative medical treatment
  • replace lost income
  • pay down mortgage or other debts
  • create a trust fund for children

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The Result:

Asset protection and peace of mind.

By redirecting a small portion of the funds you planned to invest, towards paying the premiums on a critical illness insurance policy, you can protect your assets against the possibility of a future critical illness.

Plus, With a Return of Premium Rider, you will have your premiums returned if you choose to cancel your Policy after 15 years**

Example: With critical illness insurance, $7,930* of a $50,000 annual contribution goes to paying the premium for a $500,000 Term 75**. $42,070 is invested as usual.

If a critical illness happe the policy pays out $500,000. No money is withdrawn from your savings and investments, which by age 65 reach $2,108,273.

If there is no critical illness, you can choose to cancel your policy after 15 years**, and would receive $198,250 in returned premium. This money can be added to your investments and your savings at age 65 would be $2,306,523.

Without critical illness insurance, your investments are at risk. But with proper insurance protection, there should be no need to withdraw funds from your investment portfolio and jeopardize your retirement plans.

Because your investments should be for your future-not for your medical bills, call or email me now to see how critical illness insurance can you help you protect your investment portfolio:
Daniel La Tour, B.A.; B.Ed.
Financial Advisor
(514) 630-6116

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