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  • Preparing for Your Life Insurance Exam,
    Courtesy of JustinCasetm Insurance.

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  • Dear Applicant,

    As a requirement for your insurance application, your insurance company requests medical information. Some of the procedures outlined below may be involved. For your assistance we have provided you with a brief explanation of each procedure and some tips.


    Preparing For an Insurance Medical Examination

    •        Get a good night's rest the night before the exam

    •        Drink several glasses of water on the day of the appointment

    •        Advise the Health Professional if your upper arm bicep is larger than 14 inches in diameter - an appropriate size blood pressure cuff is required

    •        Remember to present photo ID (preferably a driver's license) for identification purposes

    •        If you have a tendency towards high blood pressure, schedule your appointment for a time of day when you are most relaxed

    •        Be aware that stress, caffeine, nicotine and some prescription and nonprescription medications (incl. naturopathic / herbal / homeopathic / vitamins) can temporarily raise your blood pressure and pulse

    •        Avoid smoking and strenuous activity / exercise for 2 hours; also avoid alcoholic beverages, nasal decongestants and all foods with poppy seeds for 24-hours prior to the appointment

    •        If taking prescription medication have it ready for reference during the exam; you should take your prescription medication as prescribed even if fasting is required; advise the examiner if you are taking any over the counter medications

    Remember to have your family physicians' name and address as well as dates and reasons for past visits ready, especially those within the last five years

    Paramedical Examination

    A Health Professional will complete a health history questionnaire with you. In addition your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse measurement will be recorded. A urine specimen will also be collected. No disrobing is required.

    Doctor's Physical Examination

    This examination is done after the completion of a medical history questionnaire.

    It is similar to an annual physical examination performed by your physician. Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse measurements will be taken. Heart sounds will be recorded and your abdomen will be palpated. A doctor will do the physical examination.


    Specimen Collection

    In addition to a detailed health history and physical measurements, your insurance company may request the collection of specimens for testing. These specimens are sent via courier to the designated laboratories. The results are then sent to your insurance company for evaluation. All specimens and tests results are handled in a secure fashion to ensure complete confidentiality.

    You, the applicant, prior to collection, must sign a consent form. This permits our examiner to obtain the specimen and permits the laboratory to conduct the necessary tests. Tamper proof tape is utilized to seal all specimens' containers to guarantee security and confidentiality. Tests results will be reported only to your insurance company's underwriting department for evaluation.


    Blood Collection

    You will be advised if fasting is required for this test. If so, no food or beverage (excluding water) should be consumed for at least 12-14 hours prior to your appointment. Every attempt will be made to schedule an early morning appointment. Please advise the Health Care Professional if you have experienced difficulty (fainting/seizures/etc.) while having blood drawn previously. Any medications being taken should be noted on the lab consent form. A sterile lab kit will be used to draw blood. A number of small tubes may be drawn for different tests.

    You will be advised to avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least one hour following the collection of blood to reduce the possibility of bruising.

    Urine Collection

    No fasting is required. A glass of water taken one hour prior to your appointment may help to provide the specimen. You must wait for the Health Professional to arrive, as a special collection kit must be used.

    Saliva Collection

    No fasting is required. Please do not rinse with mouthwash prior to collection. A specific kit will be provided for this test.

    Electrocardiogram (ECG)

    An ECG is a recording of the electrical impulses generated by the contraction and relaxation of the heart. To record these impulses, contacts will be attached to your chest in a semi-circular arrangement over your heart and to your arms and legs. A quiet, private location where you can lie flat, in a relaxed position, is recommended to ensure an accurate recording. This is a painless procedure. You will be advised to refrain from smoking at least 1 hour prior to this test. You may have a light meal 1-2 hours prior to your appointment. However, refrain from consuming caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. Continue all medications unless your doctor has asked you not to. Please wear comfortable clothing (preferably shorts / track pants and a t-shirt) and walking/running shoes. A towel is also recommended. The procedure will involve riding a stationary bicycle or running on a treadmill while an ECG test (as noted previously) is conducted.

    I trust you find these tips for preparation for a life exam helpful and informative!

    Yours truly,

    Daniel La Tour
    JustinCasetm2 Insurance

    Daniel La Tour