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10 Great Reasons To Apply For Universal Life Insurance

  1. Superior Investment Options

    Make the most of tax-deferred growth of a Universal Life Insurance Policy. You can choose a combination of Interest Options like:

    • Fixed Rate Interest Options with highly competitive fully guaranteed rates
    • Passive Index Options based on the world's major stock and bond indexes,available in currency exposed and currency-neutral optios
    • Managed Index Options linked to first-class mutual funds
  2. Industry Leading Minimum Guaranteed Investment Total Returns

    Depending on the UL plan you choose, the minimum total return* (interest plus bonus) can range from 3.00% on 5-year Interest Options to at least 4.25% on 25-year Interest Options. While other companies may provide higher guarantess, they also retain the right to remove the investment option.

  3. Access to Fund Values

    You can access the fund value* of your Universal Life Policy in a variety of ways, including:

    • 10% free withdrawal, which allows clients to request one partial surrender each policy year after the second policy anniversary, with no surrender charge
    • Tax-free Living Benefits, which give clients additional peace of mind in the event of a critical illness, disability, or the need for long-term care, with no surrender charge
    • Policy loa with the potential for tax-deductible** interest
  4. Flexible Cost of Insurance Options

    I can offer you the following options:

    ART for maximum wealth accumulation:

    • ART 85/20
    • ART to 100

    Level long-term protection needs:

    • Level to 100
    • LifePlus with Guaranteed Surrender Values (GSV)*
    • 20Plus with Guaranteed Surrender Values (GSV)*, paid up at year 20
  5. Unique Cost of Insurance Guarantees

    For instance, Transamerica Life Canada offers you a unique built-in premium tax that provides protection against potential increases in provincial premium tax and allows for more of the premium to earn interest from day one. In addition, Transamerica's Combined.

  6. Preferred and Simplified Underwriting

    For Transamerica Life Canada Clients aged 16 and over with coverage of $250,000 or more have the potential to benefit from lower cost of insurance based on their health, lifestyle and other factors. In addition, I can help you simplify the underwriting process with Simplified "no-fluids" Underwriting on application below $250,000 and ages 45 and under.

  7. Adaptable features allow for Life Cycle needs

    Here are some of the ways some of our Universal Life plans can adapt to your changing needs:

    • Term conversions maintain preferred underwriting classes and provide MTAR tax credits
    • Switch option allows clients to switch from JFTD to JLTD
    • New exchange option from guaranteed whole life to a universal life plan
  8. Pride in the Fine Print

    I offer accountability and long-term peace of mind, without sacrificing the valuable features and flexibility that you may need now or in the future.

    • Guaranteed total interest option fees on our UL Interest Options are clearly defined and accurately calculated on a daily basis
    • Bonuses are guaranteed and unconditional regardless of investment choice, policyholder activity and are automatically credited according to the client's existing investment option deposit allocation
  9. Innovative Illustration Software

    LifeView illustration by Transamerica Life Canada, for instance, is one of the best in the industry.

  10. The Perfect Balance

    UL plans can be tailored by coverage type, bonuses, fees, Interest Optio riders and other features to help you strike the perfect balance.


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