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  • Why Buy Term Life Insurance?
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  • You seek to fund your Family Estate and your Business Succession Plan with low-cost Term Life Insurance? For your peace of mind, when you protect and support with Term Life Insurance, your Spouse, Partner, Children, Parents, Favorite Charity, or Non-Profit Community Group,

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    Why Buy Term Life Insurance?

    1. Replace lost income upon your death to maintain the quality of life of your Spouse, Partner, Children.

    2. Pay for your funeral, cremation or burial, private loans, debts, bills, mortgage, credit cards.

    3. Create an inheritance for your Spouse, Partner, Children, Parents.

    4. Pay federal and provincial "death" taxes.

    5. Make significant charitable contributions to your favorite charity, organizations, community groups.

    6. Create a forced savings plan to fund renovation, vacation and retirement savings.

    7. Preserve your savings, assets and investments from final taxes.

    8. Fund Business & Partnership Buy/Sell Agreements.

    9. Buy Key Person Insurance to protect your business against the premature death of an important person.

    SIMPLIFIED UNDERWRITING: We have many companies with simplified underwriting rules that make purchasing term insurance easier than ever: No Fluid ( No Saliva, No Blood, No Urine) Applies on T10 & T 20, Whole Life & Universal Life with Face Amounts of $249,000 and Ages 45 and under.

    I trust you find these Reasons to Buy Term Life Insurance both helpful and informative.

    Yours truly,

    Daniel La Tour

    Daniel La Tour